A turnkey service made possible by a system of integrated skills.

Our commitment to ensure full satisfaction to those who rely on us is realized in a real turn-key service, which includes design (if the customer does not provide the project), production, which we take care internally at each stage, assembly, packaging and even transportation and installation of our architectural solutions and metal furniture, with ISO 9001/UNI EN ISO 9001 certifications.

All of this is done by fulfilling any desire for customization, even regarding the material to be used and the processes to which it will be subjected.


Upon request, we will take care of the design of the elements and components of the architectural and furnishing solutions to be realized. Our all-round competence allows us to direct the customer towards the most appropriate choices through a qualified technical consulting service.


There is no complexity that can't be overcome: our plasma and laser cutting technologies allow us to perfectly process many types of metal and metal alloys. Our ability to offer valid and straightforward solutions is possible thanks to the resources we reserve for this specific process.


Thanks to the latest generation of bending equipment and the experience of our employees in this type of processing, we ensure results of absolute precision and the certainty of being able to satisfy even the most particular and technically demanding requests.


We entrust the final phase of the realization process, the assembly of the elements and components, to our in-house specialists, who work with extreme skill and care so that the architectural solutions and furnishings are ready to be installed.


We offer a personalized service in packaging, realized to protect in the best way the products according to their specific characteristics and to make their handling as easy as possible.

Transport and installation

Our turnkey service is completed, on request, with transport and installation. We use the most reliable and rapid carriers and whoever relies on us can count on the expertise of our specialized personnel.

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